Typical projects take 5 days. Depending on scope and products, this will vary.

Yes! We will sand down an area on your floor an place a few color options down, check out the stain gallery here https://www.duraseal.com/stain-gallery/

Both are great! Oil for a richer classic look and water for a more clear, less yellow finish. Both products hold up well from day-to-day wear with water being harder, but costs a few bucks extra.

Head on over to our maintenance page for details. https://www.timberwolfhardwoodfloors.com/maintenance/

Yes, please!

Absolutely! Referrals are welcomed and we can discuss a great way to introduce us!

  • Water-based Polyurethane: 3 hours until stocking feet, furniture and pets after 24 hours, rugs after 5 days, fully cured after 7 days
  • Oil-based Polyurethane: 24 hours until stocking feet, pets and furniture after 48 hours, rugs after 10 days, fully cured after 14 days
  • WOCA: pets, people, and furniture on after 24 hours, no moisture or rugs for 5 days, after 10 days mop the floors with your WOCA soap. This soaping will get rid of the thin layer of excess oil across the surface of your floors.

Yes. Long answer, with proper maintenance and precautions you will extend the life of your finish coat. Remember, your finish coat is there to take the brunt of your activities and protect the wood! Some abrasions on your floor means the finish is doing its job! Enjoy the character!

Don’t do that! You will drive yourself crazy! We go above and beyond the NWFA industry standards with our projects. The standard is; standing in ambient light, can you see scratches from that position? We go the extra mile and use fine grit sandpaper other companies skip because we strive for perfection, even though it’s impossible to achieve. We treat every floor as if it’s our own! If we do make a mistake we will do everything we can to make it right!

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