About Us

Timberwolf Hardwood Floors was founded when the need for high-quality hardwood flooring in the Minneapolis area was recognized.

The company has since grown to become one of the premier hardwood flooring providers in the region, offering a wide range of services, including installation, refinishing, and repair.

Timberwolf Hardwood Floors is committed to providing superior craftsmanship and using only the finest materials, ensuring that you receive the best possible results.

From new construction to existing floors that need to be refinished, Timberwolf has you covered. Our local team of experts has over 35 years of experience installing, sanding, and finishing wood floors.

​We believe in doing things right and that starts with having a keen focus on quality and is in large part why customers choose us.  With a 99% customer satisfaction rate, we always make sure our customers are taken care of.

Our Team

Mike Silberg
Lance Glawe
Chris Solem
Landon Glawe